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Herbs for Africa

National Distributor of traditionally used African herbal medicines for an everyday healthy lifestyle.


We recommend you keep these products in your home at all times for general daily use or emergencies. It is an absolute must to have as part of your daily diet.

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Be the first to use the latest new products we developed based on customer demand. We aim to manufacture new products on a regular basis.

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When we purchase bulk raw materials at a good price, we extend the benefit to you by allowing you to purchase these products at a discounted rate for as long as the discounted stock lasts.

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These are products that can form part of your daily diet to provide the necessary nutrients your body needs for a healthy life that you normally do not get from normal food.

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HERBS FOR AFRICA was started, training Hypnotherapy in 2002 and registered as a training institute with the IMDHA (International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association: USA) in 2003, but soon grew into a professional college specialising in training Ethnomedicine and Ethnopsychology. Dr Trudie qualified as a herbalist in 2001 and continued learning and writing training modules, resulting in a professional herbal training school, naturally leading to the development of highly effective medicinal herbal products.

The “Take Control of Your Health” principle is an essential aspect of African traditional herbal medicine. The products are designed to empower individuals to control their health and wellness by using natural plants and plant-based remedies. 

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Do you want to know more about Herbal Medicine?

We offer a herbal training course full of the history and various traditions, the botanical identification and classification of herbs, the properties and uses of commonly used herbs, the harvesting and preparation of herbs, formulating herbal remedies and treatments and the common health concerns and herbal remedies associated with herbal medicines. Upon completing this course, individuals may gain knowledge and skills in using herbs for personal health and wellness or pursue further studies and certifications in herbalism. Press the bottom to be redirected to our Translife courses.

A question? Write to us at support@herbsforafrica.com
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